Small And Nice Temperature And Fanspeed Utility


Santafu is a hardware monitoring tool for KDE.

It uses lm_sensors to provide information about temperatures (CPU and system), the rotations speeds of attached fans (CPU and system) and to display the current values of the voltages used in the system.

Additionally you can get detailed information about your CPU, memory and swap space in your system.


Since January 2004
I am currently working on version 0.3.
Expect the new release not before June :-(

It will (hopefully) come with some new features:

  • Multiprocessor support in the "CPU Info" dialog and the main window (means: displays CPU Infos for all installed CPUs and will show temps and fanspeeds for all CPUs)
  • Option for an "emergency shutdown" on high temperatures or low fan speeds
  • Option for alerts on high temperatures or low fan speeds (visual and acoustik)
  • Option to switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit
  • Some nice icons :-)
  • A kind of "online help" everywhere. Accessible via the context menu (right mouse button) on the user interface elements.
Perhaps there will be some more features. It depends on my creativity and time I can spare from my studies.

It will be easier to implement future enhancements (a good object orientated design now, will spare a lot of time in the future).

24. February 2003
Santafu-0.2.4 released.
I changed some things for the It87 sensor chip. Many thanks to Ronny Klauck.

11. February 2003
Santafu-0.2.3 released.
I changed some things for the As99127f sensor chips
Now temperatures and fan speeds are displayed. Many thanks to Michael Mueller.
I also added a german translation.

16. January 2003
Santafu-0.2.2 released.
I changed some things for the w83782d, w83783s, w83627hf sensor chips.
Now temperatures and fan speeds are displayed.
Many thanks to Teddy Wong.

03. December 2002
Santafu-0.2.1 released.
A bug that prevented Santafu from detecting all chips correctly has been fixed.
Attention: Do not use older versions. You only will get angry :-)

29. November 2002
Santafu-0.2 released.
You know what to do: test and report bugs :-)
Now nearly all possible hardware sensors are supported. One of them should be good for YOU !
Attention: From now on Santafu is for KDE-3.x and Qt-3.x only.

15. October 2002
Santafu-0.2rc1 released.
Please do me a favor: report bugs :-).

20. September 2002
I am proud to be able to release version 0.1 of Santafu.
It will only work with boards containing a VIA chipset. Sorry, but I don't have a board with Intel chipset.

Your help needed:

Please tell me what "sensor chips" Santafu offers to you (if it works of course), so that I can extend the list of tested sensor chips and tested mainboards.

If you don't get good values for temperatures, fan speeds or voltages you should download, compile and use the "sensortest" program.
Put its output into a textfile and send it to me attached to a mail. I can use the info for correcting my source code.

For contact look here: Contact


Current: Santafu-0.2.4

Old: Santafu-0.2.3 - Santafu-0.2.2 - Santafu-0.2.1 - Santafu-0.2 - Santafu-0.2rc1 - Santafu-0.1

Sensortest: Sensortest


Michael Zwick <zwickmich at>


Snapshot of Santafu
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